What You Didn’t Hear in Smells Like Teen Spirit

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Well today, Butch Vig caught my interest. Some of you will know him from the production of Nirvana’s second studio album Nevermind, and of cause the legendary track Smells Like Teen Spirit, and others may know him from his drumming in the band Garbage (who incidentally have a fifth studio album in the making). Here we find him listening back to the multitrack of Smells Like Teen Spirit, and he pulls out something that didn’t make it through to the final mix, the end of the guitar solo which is a master-class in how to utilise feedback as a musical tool.

He also has some interesting comments on Kurt Cobain’s brutal vocals in the final chorus and ‘a denial’

There’s an interesting Q&A session that Butch did on the gearslutz forum, it has heaps of great advice and tips in there for the aspiring engineer / producer, and you can find it here. Enjoy!

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