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A while ago, we posted an article on using an iPad to control Pro Tools. Since then, the concept has caught the imagination of other professional equipment maufacturers like Yamaha.

They have come up with an application called StageMix that allows the iPad to control a live mixing desk remotely. The desk in question is the Yamaha M7CL series desk, which is designed to let you mix 16 different mix busses from one digital desk. In short, it’s perfect for an on-stage monitor mixing desk.

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So, you’ve read the post on Pro Tools for iPad which was essentially a very pretty gadget to show off rather than a really great mixing tool, and here we have an entirely new take on the concept. From the people who brought you control of Ableton Live with your iPad, Liine have developed an app called Griid that allows you to build and edit MIDI parts on the iPad, as well as a mixer which all integrates together.

As yet, I haven’t tried it out myself but have a look at the video below. To me, it looks like a very slick use of the iPad, and also very easy to use. I particularly like the simple way the zoom works with the multi-touch screen because it just works exactly how you would expect it to.

The other feature that I think will work beautifully on a touch screen is the velocity editing of MIDI notes. That’s basically the information that defines how hard the piano key, or drum appears to have been hit. Being able to just sweep your finger over a series of consecutive notes will give you much more natural phrasing, instead of doing them all one by one and adjusting them into a smooth curve. Continue Reading…

v-control pro

Pro Tools on your iPad, touch sensitive control over every plugin, fader, clip and edit point – how cool is that? Neyrick have written an app to make your Pro Tools mixes compatible with your iPad, which is detailed, carefully thought out and looks beautiful (especially with a retina display!).

The app is a very nice to use, and makes the mixing experience much more tactile and involving. Being able to automate fader moves with your fingers rather than a mouse is intuitive and invaluable – as you worry less about the fader values and mouse clicks, and start listening to the mix much more critically. If you are a Pro Tools user – you should definitely consider trying the app. At £34.99, it isn’t cheap – but it has been thoughtfully developed and refined, and continues to improve with every free update.

There is a free version of the app if you want to try it out before buying which you can find here: Continue Reading…