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dark side2

While I was at university, a question went around the studios; “If you could have been credited as the recording engineer for any album in history, what would that album be?”. Some people said Thriller by Michael Jackson, a few said Kind Of Blue by Miles Davis, but there was one answer that kept coming up again and again; The Dark Side Of The Moon, by Pink Floyd. No doubt, because it was so unlike everything else that was happening in the music industry at the time.

In my head, the making of the album was just hours of playing around with echoes, reverb, tape machines and delay units. As it turns out, that’s pretty much exactly how it was…

A perfect example of this is the track ‘Money’. In the video below, you can see how they made the effects loop that makes up the intro. By loop, I mean an actual physical loop. Totally different from the modern meaning of a loop, which is essentially just repeating a sample. To see how versatile a modern loop pedal can be, check out this loop pedal masterclass.

So, I put the question to you:

If you could have engineered any music album in history, what would it be?

[image via nottheonlymaxm]

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