Your Recording Environment


This post is part of a series called Your Recording Environment, where we look at how to create an environment for the best quality recording.


Setting up a recording well to start with can have a big impact on the final mix, so before you can get started on laying tracks to tape, you’ll need somewhere to record!

The physical space that you have available to you will affect both the sound and the quality of your recording. It is almost certain to have an effect on the equipment you have available to you, how much you can physically fit in it and often how much noise you can make without alienating your neighbors.

For example, recording somewhere like Abbey Road, studio 2 will mean you have access to serious equipment like acoustic screens and runners who are capable of bringing you endless amounts of coffee, and of course a decent acoustic. However, if you are recording at home in the living room then you are likely to have to compromise and make the best of what you’ve got. To really get the best result out of the room you are working in, some forward planning can make a huge difference.

A few things we find worth considering when choosing a place to record;



Ambient Noise



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