Samplicity – Excellent Reverb Impulse Responses

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Samplicity is a website which hosts a range of outstanding impulse responses, which you can download for use with a simple reverb plugin. The samples give you an accurate model, and precise control over the sound of some of the best reverb units available, all within the immediate convenience of a single plugin.

The hardware units which have been sampled are the T600C and the L96, and the Bricasti M7 which is free. The quality of the samples is pristine, very convincing compared to the original hardware and with no noticeable noise at all.

The sample libraries have been carefully structured to make them compatible with as many convolution reverb plugins as possible. We recommend Altiverb for both Mac and PC users, because it is of similarly high quality to samplicity’s samples, and it comes with a huge library of responses.

Otherwise we suggest IR-1 if you are a Waves user, or TL Space if you use Pro Tools exclusively.

[image via Keenan Pepper]

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