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Today, an article written for vocalists caught our attention. There’s plenty of ways to ruin your voice, and actually also a lot of things you can do to preserve it.

This article (which can be found here) has some really excellent pointers that singers from all genres should practise. In particular, we were impressed by their thoughts on “cross-training”. The basic idea is that if you for example are an operatic singer, frequently singing folk songs, or pop music will help to exercise the vocal chords in different ways than you would singing opera all the time. Of course the reverse is true, if your the lead singer of an easy-listening folky sort of band then blasting out something along the lines of Queen every now and then, will strengthen your voice and you may even find it easier to sing back in your original style because of the training you’ve given your vocal chords.

Check out the article singers, and let us know what you think!

[image via Haags Uitburo]

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