Massey Plugins – Progress Report

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Massey Plugins inc. are our favourite plugin designers – because they are very high value for very low money.

They have been slaving away at converting their much loved plugins from the Pro Tools specific rtas format to vst – which is great news as it is much more widely used across the various recording and mixing software.

Available VST Plugins

Tapehead: models analogue tape saturation

CT5: a superb stereo compressor and limiter

and most recently;

VT3: a 3 band eq with an outstanding high-end

We’re not quite sure what’s next in line for transformation, but we hope it’s the superb L2007 limiter.

For all those Pro Tools users who are considering upgrading to version 11 when it’s released, but don’t want to lose their Massey plugins – Don’t Worry!¬†Massey have told us they are currently working on AAX plugin versions to make them compatible with the new Pro Tools, as well as new VST3 versions.

Go Try Them

Massey give you unlimited use of a free version of every plugin they release, with added functionality if you upgrade to a paid (but cheap) version. You can try them all out here, all the vst versions listed above as well as every one of the original rtas versions, such as their unique Drum Replacement Tools v2 (DRT2) which is an absolute get out of jail free card in our opinion Рand you should try it.

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