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Microphones are an extremely valuable tool for every sound engineer, whether they are running live gigs, a professional studio or a home recording. There are a huge range of microphones available and every single one has its own sound, and its own strength and application.

We put together this mini series on microphones to give you somewhere to start when choosing a microphone, and how to get the best out of it. We also suggest a few mics that we think are the best value for money anywhere on the market, and which would be ideal choices for anyone thinking about starting up a home studio.

Microphones: Beg borrow or buy?

In this post you can find an overview of the microphones you are likely to come across when starting out, and a guide on auditioning them and putting them to best use.

Microphones: Where to invest

A selection of microphones that are unbeatable value for money, and will give you at least one suitable microphone for most recordings. A beginner’s arsenal, if you will.

Making the most of dynamic mics

This article shows you how to get the best out of dynamics mics, in particular the legendary Shure SM57 and ’58.

Making the most of condenser mics

Using large and small diaphragm condensers to their best, an explanation of the differences between the two and what they’re good for.

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