Multitrack Equipment

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This post is part of the series Multitrack Equipment, your guide to creating the best multitrack recording setup for your budget.

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When it comes to actually laying down some audio in a session, your choice of what you actually record onto can have a huge impact on how the sessions are run.

How many channels your chosen bit of kit can record at one time will effect the way you can approach recording multiple instruments, as it limits the number of mics you can use (can be an issue when it comes to drums). But not only that, how easy the machine is to operate, how much recording time is available to you (i.e. hard-disk space) and of course the quality of the actual audio are all factors hanging in the balance here. For this series we will look at all the modern multitrack recording options from computer based recording to all in one boxes.

The major points to consider in piece of multitrack kit are; the cost, its capability, audio quality and usability.

Here are a few different ways to prioritise those four factors;

Audio Interfaces

USB Desks

Recording Software

All In One Units

Hire Options

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