Plugin Review: Massey VT3 EQ – VST

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massey VT3 vst

Today we review the Massey VT3 eq plugin, and it’s been very easy as it’s the simplest eq plugin we have ever used. It has been available in rtas format for a while, and has recently been released in the much more commonly used vst format!.


As you can see, there are three dials; bass, mid and treble with a healthy -20 to +20 dB range available to each.

The three bands cover the whole frequency range evenly, and the crossover between bands is gentle enough to be subtle but still small enough to be useful.

The Trim slider allows you to compensate for the changes in overall level that using the eq dials have.


The treble dial sounds brilliant, and most mixes will stand up to a significant high end boost with this plugin, which brings out superb clarity and brightness on just about anything, acoustic guitars sound particularly good with it.

The mid and bass dials are useful on mid range instruments like guitars, but not quite so useful on complete mixes as they seem to sit too high up the frequency range, possibly to make sure the entire range is covered. This plugin would be utterly outstanding as a four band eq, with separate hi-mid and lo-mid dials for better control of the low end, and would be an ideal plugin for final tweaks of your mixes.

The huge range of ±20 dB in each band is occasionally useful on an individual track that needs high or low pass filtering, but for the majority of the time you will probably want to use the handy fine-tune option by holding down shift for the vst version or Ctrl for rtas.

The trim range of ±12 dB doesn’t match the massive 20 dB of the eq dials, which would have occasionally been helpful, but as you only seem to get to the full 20 when you’re taking out the high or low end completely – it isn’t actually a problem and you do get finer control over the more important 0 dB to 6 dB range.

In short, the Massey VT3 gives you outstanding top end control for an impressively small $69, and it’s worth getting just for that. It’s very easy to use, with a very low cpu load which makes it perfect for using on aux sends and busses. As with all Massey plugins, they are free to try for an unlimited time, and upgrading to the full version gives you added features like save-and-restore, stereo support and automation etc. We suggest you give it a go!

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