Home Recording Basics

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Multitrack recording can be a daunting prospect to start with, as there is so much to learn about. There is no substitute for getting stuck in ad experimenting, but before that you will need some guidance as to where to start with equipment and how much to expect to budget for it. We have put together tutorials to guide you through the tricky getting started phase. The tutorials cover the equipment you need to run a multitrack recording, how to make the best of your chosen recording location, as well as a few useful pointers on how to get the best from your microphones when you get going.

Multitrack Equipment

This multitrack equipment series guides you through the different multitrack hardware options which suit your budget. It covers everything from computer recording interfaces to hard disk recorders, and also the best multitrack recording software to fit your budget.

The Recording Environment

This is probably the most limiting factor for the majority of home recordings. In our recording environment series you can find tutorials which cover how to get the best from the rooms you have to record in. The guides include controlling spill between instruments, making the most of nice sounding rooms and how to deal with horrible sounding ones.


Our guide to microphones gives you valuable advice on which mics it’s worth investing in, and how to get the absolute best out of the ones you already have

How Much To Budget

Possibly the most useful post in the whole series of recording basics is how much to budget for a home studio. This includes everything except a computer and a room to record in.

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