Recording Drums

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Recording the drum kit and getting a great sound is a challenge for every recording engineer, because it has so many components and each one needs to be treated as an individual instrument. This means that when you start choosing and positioning mics, the number of things you need to think about and make a decision on can be very time consuming, so it pays to be methodical.

We’ve put together a selection of tutorials to help you get the best from your drum kit recordings. The tutorials look at each component in turn and are designed to methodically cover the complete drum kit.

Recording The Drum Kit: A Complete Guide

A brief look at the major components of the complete drum kit and the main focus focus for each from a recording perspective.

Drum Kit Overheads

The most undervalued mics when recording a drum kit. Overhead mic selection and placement.

Recording The Kick Drum

An integral part to every drum kit and almost every song. Kick drum tuning, mic choice and placement

Recording The Snare Drum

Usually the main focus of the whole drum sound. Snare drum tuning, mic choice and placement

Snare Drum Microphones Comparison

We’ve compared and reviewed some of the best snare drum microphones around, to help you choose the right one for the perfect snare sound.

Recording The Hi-Hat

Needs to retain clarity, you’ll miss it if it’s not there! Hi-hat mic choice and positioning

Recording Toms

An easy way to personalise your drum sound is with the toms. Tuning the toms, mic choice and placement

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