Recording Guitars


It’s really important to make the effort to record guitars well in the first place rather than ‘fixing them in the mix’, as you will end up with a much better sound at the end. A great guitar sound is really important to the overall sound of your track, as they carry a lot of weight in most mixes. If the guitar has got a pickup built in, don’t just leap to plugging it in and leaving it alone, using a microphone and/or an amp can add add a lot of colour to acoustics, basses and electric guitars. Here are some tutorials to help you get the best from your guitar recordings.

Recording Electric Guitars

There’s a lot more to getting a great sound than just cranking up the volume. Setting up guitar amps, mic choice and placement

Recording Acoustic Guitars

The human ear can be very discerning when it comes to acoustic guitars, pickups are not the only option. Acoustic pickups, mic choice and placement

Recording Acoustic Guitars: advanced techniques – M/S recording

A technique for a very natural acoustic sound, and an excellent stereo image. Middle and Side recording for acoustic guitar

Recording Bass guitars

One of the few situations when choosing the built-in pickup can be preferable. Bass guitar mic choice and placement and DI boxes

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