Recording Specific Instruments

sound board

Learning solid recording techniques for individual instruments will take your audio recordings to the next level. Your mixes will sound cleaner and richer if you get the initial recording done well, rather than just trying to ‘fix it in the mix’. Not only that, but you will learn a massive amount in the process about how instruments work and how they transmit sound, and in turn how to achieve the sound you want simply with mic choice and placement.

So, to help you improve your recording techniques, we have put together a selection of articles that focus on recording specific instruments:

Recording Piano

Recording Piano: How Pianos Generate Sound

Recording Piano: Close Omni Mics

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar: Advanced Techniques – M/S Pair

Recording Bass Guitar

Recording Bass Guitar

Recording Electric Guitar

Recording Electric Guitar

Recording The Drum Kit

Recording The Drum Kit: A Complete Guide

Recording A Complete Drum Kit – Overheads

Recording The Kick Drum

Recording The Snare Drum

Recording Toms

Recording The Hi-Hat

Recording Vocals

Recording Lead Vocals

Recording Backing Vocals

[image via Dennis AB]